What separates Saleswripple from all the other mobile noise out there?  To begin with no one in the world has such a sophisticated, yet easy to use platform as we do.  Some of our competitors have tiny bits and pieces here and there, but no one matches all our features and no one puts them all under one genius umbrella of an App.  Not to mention our solutions are not ‘one size fits all’.  You decide which features to turn on and off and can experiment to see which ones your customers respond to the most.  Here are just some of the amazing capabilities Saleswripple offers your business:

Business Promotion Online (Get your business found)

Whether you’re looking to attract new customers, grow online sales, get the phones ringing or keep customers coming back for more.

Our system architecture has been designed in such a way so that it will automatically promote your business on our website without any more efforts than creating an offer/deal in seconds.

Besides we also provide dynamic website, app like mobile website so that your customer can find you anytime on any device.


Mobile Deals/Coupons

Everyone loves finding a great deal but not everyone has the time to look. That will not be a problem for your customers any longer.

With Saleswripple, in a matter of seconds you are able to post your Daily Specials, an upcoming BOGO sale or even a 25% off Coupon right to your customer’s phone.

With our so-simple-it’s-scary to use interface, all you need to do is type what you want the Deal to be and choose the dates you want it valid for.

Our system takes care of the rest and delivers that Deal to your entire customer base at your chosen time and expires it on the date you select. Your customers will then simply come in and redeem them at the appropriate time.

Website Builder

If there's one thing you do today, get your business online. Help customers find you easily anytime from anywhere.

With Saleswripple your website can be designed and customized as per your choice (limited to the features given within the admin panel).

It would be then hosted on a unique web domain name of your choice like YOURBUSINESSNAME.COM.


Native App like Mobile website

Good mobile user experience requires a different design than what's needed to satisfy desktop users hence we designed our program in such a way so that it can built customized Mobile App like Mobile website and consumers can browse the details on the go and would get and redeem the promotional activities of the business at their device itself.

Text Messaging

Question:  How often does your average customer leave their phone behind when starting their day?
Answer: NEVER!

Lesson to be learned?
Having and building a VIP Text Club allows you to instantaneously communicate with your customer base whenever you choose and wherever they may be.

It is now an indisputable fact that SMS marketing is the single most effective and powerful way on the planet to get timely news, offers and deals to each and every one of your valuable customers.

The Saleswripple platform is simplistic to use, 100% compliant and will give you a larger ROI than any other solution in the marketplace.


Social Promotion

So you have Facebook and Twitter accounts for your business because everyone said you needed that presence.

But now what? If you are like most owners all your time is chewed up prepping, running and then closing your business each day.

How can you possibly reap all the wonderful financial benefits social media can provide by building community and promoting your business? Saleswripple is the answer.

Without you so much as turning on a computer, our platform turns many of your viewers into real costumers...

Instant Feedback Management

Most people are aware by now that the Yellow Pages are history and when potential new customers are searching for your products and services they are doing so online.

What many business owners have been slow to come to grips with though is the fact that not only are they looking for you online… but when they find you they are now judging you by what others have to say, before they decide whether you will get their business or not.

Saleswripple understands this can be almost maddening for business owners because up until now you had almost zero control over your online reputation.  Our unique and proprietary Review platform helps you facilitate, filter and post choice reviews to major sites like Facebook, Yelp, FourSquare and even Google.

In other words, Saleswripple provides a surefire way to ensure the kind things your customers have to say about you are going to be seen by others.


Gaming Offers

Do your customers and your business share a penchant for fun?

Try our Gamify features like our ‘Spin To Win’ game (Demo is HERE) that allows you to quickly create amusing and exciting mobile reward contest.

Like everything else Saleswripple offers, it’s simple to use and your customers will love it.  You determine the percentage of winners, which prizes you wish to offer and how many spins each customer can have per day/week/month.

This makes an awesome addition to any happy hour, family day or just a way to bring more customers in on a normally slow day.  

Customer Data Capturing

Are there specific details you would like to know about your customers when they join your App that will help you give them a better overall Loyalty experience?

Then you can easily add custom fields to your registration form to capture this data.  Do you prefer not to be that nosy but would still love the ability to offer promotions like Birthday Clubs, Ladies Night or Location based specials?

Saleswripple automatically propagates zip codes, gender and even birthdays automatically from your customers FB profiles which allows you to then filter and send targeted SMS messages to your chosen demographics.


Reward Analytics

With Saleswripple you have the ability to track nearly everything if you so desire.

You can see how many new or total members each program has, how many punches each customer has, how many rewards are being earned, how many ‘manual’ punches each individual employee is giving etc…

You can login and see a quick snap shot or you can download custom reports.  In addition every week our system will email you the ‘helicopter’ view with statistics so you can see how your program is working for you.

We believe you can’t manage what you can’t track so we provide you a full suite of easy to read analytics.